near future features

  • responsive design
    • fix fsi web portal bugs
  • multi environment configs / settings
  • fsiinst = install fsi deploy server
    • fsi deploy server on CentOS / RedHat 8
    • DHCP Server install on fsi deploy server + config + control
  • iSCSI Support for XenServer (maybe ESXi & Linux)

future feature request

fsi portal

  • almost all jobs in background
  • more active/realtime information on web site


  • user history log: log all important user actions
  • email with environment status


  • Installation XenServer with uEFI
  • vcsa: add and install vmware vcsa
  • fedora: add and install fedora linux distribution
  • suse: add and install suse linux distribution
  • debian: add and install debian and forks (e.g. mint)
  • freebsd: add and install freebsd