User login, config and admin

User logins are divided up in two schema:

  • local user: <user name>
  • domain user: <netbios domain>\<user name> or <user name>@<dns win domain>


  • local user:jochen
  • domain user: lab\jochen or jochen@lab.local

active control

All user and groups can activate or deactivate and only configure in fsi portal.

User login

If there is no windows domain configuration in the rzenv.xml file - a error will show if a domain user want to login:

and on the admin access user config page you will see no tab for domain user or groups:

Domain User config

If one windows domain is configure at least, you will see the two tabs: This is the domain user configuration tab.

exclusive control

users domain group roles will not added to his user roles

Domain Group config

The domain group config:

Local User config

Also local user are supported: