fsi portal command line tools


you can see a overview of cli commands or tools with following to commands:

fsictl cmd
fsictl tool

dir: /opt/fsi/portal/bin/

Scripts Description
fsictl service fsi control script (start/stop/restart/new/clear/status/log)
fsi.psgi fsi portal main server scripts
fsic.pl fsi command line script, create db, jobs and
vmcleanall.pl clean all clone generations of actual config in clonematrix vms
vmclone.pl vm cloning tool for esxi/vc
semail.pl send email script
fsiro.pl pxe run onced daemon

dir: /opt/fsi/portal/tools/

Scripts Description
cfgcheck check config, ip, dns, shortname and so on
cfgbackup backup the different configs
cfgrestore restore the different configs
chkinst check if installation of server is finish, running or has a error
chntp change ntp on server and configs
chrc change remote control configuration
chdns change dns on server and configs
chsyslog change syslog on server and configs
connect connect to server or poolmaster with ssh
cp2allpools copy target file from local to all server in all pools
cp2server copy target file from local to all server in one pool specified
cssh2allpools create pool files for authorizied_keys and known_hosts and copy them to to all server configuration dirs. Also it can copy these files to all server in pool.
cssh2cfg copy pool ssh files known_hosts and authorized_keys from pool dir to every xen server konfig dir
cssh2pool create the pool known_hosts and authorized_keys from every own ssh files in the config dir of the server (/opt/pxe/sys/<mac>)
cssh2server copy known_hosts and authorized_keys from every own config dir to the server in a pool with ssh.
dellog delete all logs for server
delinfodir delete all info files and info dir for server
esxiaddds add data storage to esxi from list file or given server
esxiaddvmnet add vlan vm network port to esxi / switch
esxicpvi update/copy esxi install method scripts to esxi server
esximgmt start, stop, restart, enable, disable, query services on esxi
getsrvinfo get server infos for fsi - this script is for remote call from vi template server
getpatch get patch level for server or pool, virtual center or linux models
findmaster find xen pool master from given pool name or server
fsrv4pool find all xen server configure for pool
instbackup backup the different install sources
instrestore restore the different install sources
keygen generate xen ssh keys in mac dir
mkesxi generate / create esxi configurations
mkx6 generate / create xen configurations
rmc remote command and file copy
showlog show logfile(s) of server / pool master
srvctrl central server control script for update, reboot, shutdown, check, maintenance control
sshkeyclean clean ssh keys for server, vc, xen pool, linux and so on
cpvi copy fsi scripts to all server in xenserver pool, vc or server
xencleanpatch clean old orphaned and installed never used any more patch files
xenfindpool find xen pool for given server
xenhachk check xen ha status of pool or pool master given