Remote Control Support

every system fsi can install is assign to a remote control module. This remote control module contains a script for starting, configure pxe boot or shut down a system.

Company Support Models
HPE with full support of iLO4 and 5 DL360,DL380
DELL with no iDRAC supportR640
Fujitsu with iRMC (redfish2) support
IBM x3550m4
Lenovo ThinkSystem XClarity
Bull Sequana
Thomas-Krenn RI2208-SMXS
NetIO power switch
VMware Virtual Center or ESXi with VM  vSphere 6.x 7.x
KVM with VM QNAP Virtualisation Station, Proxmox or native KVM
XenServer VM XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor 8.2.1 or on XCP-ng

Support Modes

full support and tested
once worked, no longer a guarantee
not supported and does not work